Thursday, April 30, 2009

Devon's Birthday

I can't believe Devon is two! He has also hit the terrible two stage. He is still my little sweetheart, but if he doesn't get what he wants he will let you know. We had two parties for him. One over in Richfield at the park, and one at my Grandma Frandsen's house. All the little boys loved the motorcycles, and somehow the girls disappeared for all this. His cousin's made him a cake with Thomas the Train on it...which he is obsessed with. He has to feed Thomas, have a bath with Thomas, and he puts Thomas on your shoulder while he's going to sleep. My Mom gave him a shirt with Thomas the Train on it, and he gets it out and kisses it and says WOW! It is pretty cute, and I'd love to take him to see Thomas in Heber City, but it probably won't happen this year. Thanks everyone for coming and sharing his special day!


We had a really fun Easter this year! Bekah and Sebastian came to visit from California so we had a really busy week. We also had all kinds of weather, but that makes life interesting.

Dawsen gathered eggs in the snow, and is it bad that I left Devon and Jimmy home sleeping?

I also had Dawsen color eggs while Devon was taking a nap. I just couldn't quite handle the thought of him trying to color eggs.

The Easter Bunny brought some really neat kites that once you got them up in the air they never came down. Even Devon could fly them. We eventually just tied the string to one of the motorcycles and it flew itself until a little helper just had to let it go, and it flew far, far, away.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Dr. Nielson had a hard time getting very good pictures because my baby was laying sideways, but he could definitely tell that it is a boy! We are excited, a little nervous, but we are excited! Dawsen wasn't too happy about having another little brother, but I think she'll adjust. Of course Devon doesn't realize anything, but I do think he notices that my belly is growing.